Nandar Jaya Tenda

Welcome to Nandar Jaya Tenda. We are a company that established since 2010 engaged in industrial Cover Chair, Plafon Tenda, Sarung Kursi Futura Strecth, Table Cover, Poni Tenda, Plafon Dekor. We were in Jl. Ks Tubun Raya No.21 Kota Bambu Selatan. Discover the variety of our best products (Aneka Sarung Kursi, Macam2 Plafon Tenda, Aksesoris Tenda, Cover Meja, Rangka Tenda, Poni Tenda) with quality and the best price you can get.

Jl. Ks Tubun Raya No.21 Kota Bambu Selatan Jakarta Barat
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia

Nandar Jaya Tenda

Receiving: manufacture / sell all kinds of party supplies such as various models of gloves chairs (office and the party), cover the table (Rempel & tight), ceiling tents, tents bangs), background, frame party tents, tent cafe & cone, Etc.



Aneka Sarung Kursi,Macam2 Plafon Tenda,Aksesoris Tenda,Cover Meja,Rangka Tenda,Poni Tenda